Changing tack

Today was supposed to be a writing day but it went off course.  Life happened.  There was worry and upset and other things to do.  So I didn’t write.  I tried.  But there was noise and there were distractions and nothing was right.

Perhaps I should have stopped trying.  Instead I tried different things: reading for Changing tackinspiration (more distraction); making a cake (creative, perhaps, and tasty, but more distraction); giving in to the more pressing needs of the day (necessary, but the writing still niggled).

Nothing was right.  Neither the writing nor the not-writing nor the sitting-in-front-of-the-screen-sort-of-writing.

Then at the end of the day I picked up a pen and write this post.  It’s not what I intended to write today, but it’s an achievement.  And I’ve learnt something (or re-learnt it – why do we have to learn things so many times?): changing the writing medium, or the subject, or both, can help.  Somehow a blank page seems kinder to me than a blank screen, and a blog post less accusing than a chapter.