Yes, we get rusty.  We take time away from our writing and we forget how.  We pursue shiny new ideas that have nothing to do with our creative dreams.  But eventually we come back.  We always come back.

We come back and nothing is right.  Ideas are clunky, word choices even more so.

The urge to stop and do something – anything – else is strong.  After all, there are so very many other things that need to be done.

But the only cure for this is to keep going.  To fill the waste paper bin if we must, but keep going.  Even when every word has to be dragged from the depths.  Even when those hard-won words will never see the light of day.

The only cure is to keep going.

I will if you will.


6 thoughts on “Rusty

  1. That’s encouraging, thank you. But I had to laugh some about filling the waste paper bin since today is Earth Day 🙂 I do most of my writing on computer or in the cloud. I think I’ll have a heart attack the day I lose all my darlings. Then I will think, “I should have put it on paper.”

    • Oops! It was definitely a metaphorical wastepaper bin – anything not written on computer in this house gets recycled if it’s not wanted. Which means that there’s a possibility of rooting around in the recycling bin to ‘undelete’ something if I change my mind!

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