I lied in my last post

I said typing was faster than writing by hand.  Now I’m disagreeing with myself.

If I was taking dictation or copying out someone else’s words, typing would win every time, even though I never learnt to do it ‘properly’.  And when I type up my handwritten scribblings, it takes a lot less time than it took to scribble them in the first place.  (Maybe half as long, if today’s anything to go by.)

But there’s something about movement that makes ideas flow faster.

When I go for a walk, after about half an hour I suddenly have to keep stopping to note down all the random ideas that pop into my head.  And when my hand is moving across the page clutching a pen, somehow I feel more connected to whatever part of my brain it is that brings the ideas.  I may not be physically writing faster, but I’m able to produce more content, more quickly.

Writing by hand connects me to myself; using the computer has the danger of making me too connected to the rest of the world!

3 thoughts on “I lied in my last post

  1. You are really challenging me here. I loathe writing by hand – jotting notes and thoughts is one thing, but actually writing is entirely another. On the other hand, nothing kills the creative urge faster than planting my butt in front of my computer.

    This is why I have a laptop … In theory, I can pick it up and go anywhere. (A change of scene works for me the way writing by hand works for you.) But I don’t because – (pause for really really stupid revelation) – I’m in love with my big, wide monitor. I have grown to detest peering at my little laptop screen.


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