What stops or slows your writing?

I can write in complete silence.  That’s my favourite writing environment.  Birdsong and the wind in the trees are acceptable background sounds.

I can write in a busy, noisy place too – as long as I can’t hear the specifics of the noise.  (So a huge hum of conversation is fine, but if I can hear every word my neighbour is saying to his companion, it drives me nuts.  I have been known to move tables in cafes and trains.)

I can write while someone is watching television in the same room – but it takes ten times as long (for once I’m not exaggerating) and is an almost unpleasant experience.  Having someone else’s words collide with my own makes me almost seasick.  I think that’s why I can’t even write to music; the words in my head crash into the words of the song or notes of the music and create what It feels like a physical disturbance.

Sometimes, though, if writing is to happen, it has to happen in less than ideal circumstances.  Such as writing slowly and haltingly in the room where a kids’ film is playing – so I don’t have to choose between being Mummy on Duty for a poorly boy and being Writer on Duty so I can continue to be true to myself.

What stops or slows your writing?  And do you write anyway?


5 thoughts on “What stops or slows your writing?

    • I’m with you on not forcing the ideas or inspiration, but what I was trying to get at was that sometimes we have the ideas but the environment isn’t supporting us in getting them down on the page. I find that discipline is a good companion to inspiration; even if the environment isn’t ideal we can still capture the ideas.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      • You welcome and I understand. I wrote my first book under very harrowing circumstances as you will see on my blog home page. Sometimes we work with what we’ve got. I had the discipline, but the externals weren’t in favour 🙂

  1. “So a huge hum of conversation is fine, but if I can hear every word my neighbour is saying to his companion, it drives me nuts.” – This I can relate to Liz. But when that gets overwhelming, to drown that noise, I plug in my headset.
    But like you said, the music sometimes distracts too – only until I get lost in whatever I’m writing. once I’m there, nothing bothers me much. It only happens when I’m writing fiction though; for a regular blog post, I prefer the silence of nature.
    Thanks for writing about this, Liz.

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