We can all get a bit too serious about our writing sometimes.  Especially me, with my introspection and my close-up views of everyday life. (Although I’m not sure I agree with Socrates that “An unexamined life is not worth living” – but there I go again, getting all serious.  And giving you the impression that I’ve read the works of Socrates.  I haven’t; it’s one of those quotes I picked up along life’s merry way and then merrily disagreed with.)

The digression illustrates my point, though.  Getting too serious makes life – and writing – a bit dull, frankly.  Here’s a much more cheerful quote which I’ve just come across in Chop Wood Carry Water.  (I know I mentioned this book last time.  I still haven’t actually read it; opening it randomly is working for me at the moment!)

Laughter is tremendously healthy.  Playfulness is as sacred as any prayer, or maybe more sacred than any prayer, because playfulness, laughter, singing, dancing will relax you.  And the truth is only possible in a relaxed state of being.

And isn’t writing all about showing the truth?


3 thoughts on “Playing

  1. The final English exam of my final year of school included an essay. I no longer remember what the essay was about – we had a selection to choose from. I picked the one that fitted best with a quote from Marcus Aurelius – “Time is a stream in which there is no abiding.” If I remember correctly, that quote was inside a bubble gum wrapper. Nearly 40 years later, I have yet to read anything else by Marcus Aurelius. Which goes to show … something … but I’m not sure what.

    Anyway, I agree with you re Socrates, the pompous git. Sometimes a joyous refusal to navel-gaze is the very best way to live!

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