When you have nothing to say

When you have nothing to say, do you write anyway?

I once said to a colleague, “I think through my mouth”.  In other words, I don’t always know what I think about something until I talk it through.  I still remember her look of horror.  Her way was to analyse, consider, look at all the options and information, think and carefully weigh up her words before deciding on and communicating her thoughts and opinions.  I can’t imagine how we ever got on so well!

It’s the same with writing for me.  I start, and then the direction reveals itself.  Sometimes that means going back and revising the beginning, but the important thing is to have begun.  What the beginning is, almost doesn’t matter.

Having nothing to say – or write – is no excuse for saying – or writing – nothing.  Begin with one word, then another and slowly but surely they will arrange themselves into something.  You may not have written a masterpiece (though you might!) but you will have written something.  And writing begets writing.

When you have nothing to say, write anyway.  And share it with someone.  I’d love to read what you wrote when you thought you had nothing to say!


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