A world without film

Imagine a world without film. Without audio recording equipment or cameras of any kind. In fact, while you’re at it, imagine a world without writing. (Go on, be daring.)

Now think. How important would story be then?

The only memory would be folk memory. Even the things your parents’ generation remembered would be but story to you; there would be no photos of older family members, no recordings or written accounts of world events.

That’s how important story is. It is the only thing that truly binds us to the past or allows us to imagine the future.


2 thoughts on “A world without film

  1. It’s sad to think that almost all stories from the ancient oral cultures are lost… What has been saved, is often amazing. Imagining a world without writing seems impossible, but once, it was reality. At the time of the oral cultures, stories kept changing and evolving – for example, the Celtic elves were probably an actual people who once lived together with the Celts but were forgotten. I love learning about the past. Even worse, if the world was without language, it would be like it wasn’t even there…

  2. Exactly! Stories always change and evolve. Even with our written records, the interpretation and emphasis changes. What I read into a story may well be completely different from what you see, for example. And the past is always a great story, oral or written. Thanks for the comment.

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